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Maple - Friction Wound
Q: I found this beautiful 20' tall red maple at a nursery that was going out of business and got a great deal on it. However on the car ride home it inadvertently rubbed on the trailer resulting in this circular blemish in the bark.

The damage is located about 1 foot below where the limbs start. Can you give me some advise on the treeís viability and any treatment that may help save it?
A: I have good news - I donít believe much long-term damage will result.

I base this on the fact that the scar is regular, relatively clean and does not girdle the trunk. Itís more like a pruning wound than anything else.

Leave it alone. The tree bark will gradually cover over the wound as your new landscape addition grows larger.



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Water big trees. Apply at least 15 gallons per inch of trunk thickness each week.

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