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Mosquito Fern- Control
Q: Do you know how to control mosquito fern, ^Azolla caroliniana^? It has completely covered the surface of my backyard ornamental frog pond. Iíve used a net to skim off much of it, but it reproduces so quickly that this is only a short fix.

A: Mosquito fern reproduces rapidly and can cover a pond or lake if not controlled. This is bad for fish because the shade reduces growth of oxygenating plants. Young azolla plants are green but they change to red, and then brown, as they age.

Rampant mosquito fern growth indicates there are excess nutrients in the water. This could be caused by frog waste or excess fish feed. Koi are said to eat azolla, if you care to add another creature to your frog pond.

Continue skimming the plant out of the water. This permanently removes excess nitrogen and the green goo you take away can be added to flower beds as a green fertilizer


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Water big trees. Apply at least 15 gallons per inch of trunk thickness each week.

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