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Ultrasonic Devices – Not for Bird Control

Ultrasonic Bird Control? Don’t Throw Your Money Away! Written By: Rob Fergus, Ph.D. Ornithology Sometimes hardware or lawn & garden companies advertise ultrasonic devices that are supposed to drive birds away with high frequency noises undetectable to humans. Sounds like...


Animal, Reptile, Bird and Insect – Books for Identification

I love getting emailed photos of plants and creatures that need identifying. Although I may not be able to ID them at first glance, I can usually find something interesting in one of my reference books. One of my favorite...


Millet – Identification

Q: This plant voluntarily appeared in our back yard this summer. Can you ID it? A: It’s millet, a common component of birdseed because it is inexpensive In my experience it is not a good idea to feed millet mixtures...