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Hydrangeas – Why They are Blue or Pink

We all know that life depends on chemistry. We may not understand the chemistry…but life goes on whether we understand it or not. If you want to go hard-core in understanding why hydrangeas are blue or pink, here is a...


The Science Behind Fall Leaf Color

Pigments of Fall Color David C. Zlesak, Regional Extension Educator, Horticulture University of Minnesota Brilliantly colored leaves and fruit transform the fall landscape into enchanting scenes and is a hallmark of Minnesota and other Northern-tiered states. Heightened interest in plants...


Poinsettia – Dyed Purple

Q: I received a purple poinsettia for Christmas. If I keep it alive for the summer will it have purple leaves again next winter? A: Colored poinsettias are striking. The idea originated in Europe and colored plants have been available...