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Deer Control

Q: I heard you mention on your radio show a motion-operated sprinkler. I could use one for deer control. Could you tell me where I can buy one? A: I don’t have a deer problem...


Deer – Keeping Out Of Beds

Q: I want to have a huge raised bed vegetable garden this year but I wonder about deer in the woods behind us. Can I put a chicken wire fence around the plot to keep...


Plantskyyd – Sources to Repel Deer

Q: You have talked about Plantskyyd being used to repel deer. Where can I get it? A: You can find it at Scottsdale Farms Garden Center15639 Birmingham HighwayAlpharetta, GA 30004 770/777-5875

Deer – Eating Bird Seed

Q: I’m sending a photo of a doe that I caught in the act of helping herself to one of the feeders in our backyard. We thought a flying squirrel (which we had seen) had...


Deer – Eating Hosta

Q: I’ve heard about deer problems before…but now I’ve got one! Is there anything I can do to keep deer from eating my beautiful hosta? A: We went to Glen-Ella Springs Inn last week and...


Deer Repellent – Make Your Own

Q: I have had pretty good luck with a product called Grant’s Deer repellent, but I can’t find it anymore. Walter has mentioned another spray product. Can you recommend anything else? A: I mentioned that...