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Japanese Bloodgrass

Q: This grass appeared in one of my flower beds three years ago. It is massively aggressive, and has choked out everything in the bed. Frequent attempts at pulling it up are futile. It is about waist high, tough, like...


Royal Paulownia (Empress Tree) – Carving

Q: You talked about a weed tree from China, a Royal (something). I would like to know the spelling of that weed or tree. I am a woodturner and will have access to a large piece (about 2 feet in...


Scotch Broom – Invasiveness

Q: In reading a 1996 “Horticulture” magazine I came across an article listing Scotch broom, Cytisus scoparius, as an invasive/noxious plant. I know it is a problem in California and the Northwest, but I want to make sure it would...