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Japanese Maple – Growing a Vigorous Green Top

Q: My Japanese maple started growing in a different direction. It took me a while to actually go close and see that I think there is a graft and now it’s like I have two...


Climbing Vine? (ID complete)

This looks like some kind of climbing fern & is climbing up a camellia – is it a weed?

Japanese Beetle – Plants Resistant to Them

Q: Are there any plants that Japanese beetles DON’T eat? A: Sure – I never see them on pine, lamb’s ear, lantana or holly! On the other hand, the list of plants they DO eat...


Japanese Maple – Delayed Freeze Damage

Q: I have a 20 ft. Japanese Maple in the front yard. After the late freeze of Easter 2007, all the leaves turned brown and fell off and were replaced with new red leaves. In...