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Azalea Lacebug – Control

You may have seen the damage lace bugs do to azaleas without knowing who did the dirty deed. Lace bugs suck the juice out of individual leaf cells. Since they hide underneath azalea leaves, you’ll never notice the bugs but...


Pieris – Lacebug Damage

Q: I have been losing some Mountain Fire pieris. They start off fine but then the color of the leaves change from a dark green to green with lighter “splotches”. A: Excellent pix of lacebug damage! Azaleas get these most...


Dominion – Use for Azalea Lacebug

Q: Can I use Dominion¬†insecticide¬†to control azalea lace bug? It has the same ingredient as the “tree & shrub systemics” I see for sale at garden stores but Dominion is more concentrated. A: Dominion 2L insecticide is labeled for use...