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Squash Beetle vs Mexican Bean Beetle – Identification

Q: I found this insect on my squash but it doesn’t look exactly like a ladybug. What is it? A: It’s a squash beetle, Epilachna borealis. This beetle and its larvae love to eat the leaves of squash and cucumbers....


Lady Beetles – Do They Bite?

I love a scientist who takes his work seriously. Recently, I wanted to know something seriously enough to offer my own hand to lady beetles to find definitively if they bite!! Much to my surprise, they do! Not only that,...


Lady Beetle (Ladybug) – Control on Your House

Someone recently took me to task for being so casual about ladybug invasions. “You have no idea what it’s like to have thousands in your house!” she said. “I crunch them under my feet wherever I walk!” One ladybug is...