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Hellebore (LentenRose) – Fertilizing

Q: My hellebores look fabulous in February and March. When should they be fertilized? A: As with most plants, fertilize when they are actively growing. I feed mine in November when I see the first new green leaves and again...


Lenten Rose – Outdoor Pots

Q: Would Lenten rose thrive through winter in pots outside on covered porch? A: Lenten rose should be fine in a 12″ or larger pot. Be sure the pot is supported off the porch floor so it drains after watering....


Lenten rose – Propagation

Q: Do you have any helpful information about propagating Lenten roses? They have large pods which drop lots of seeds. A: If your Lenten roses have bloomed in the same spot more than once you probably have seedlings there now....