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Leyland Cypress – Seed Cones

Q: I have some young Leyland cypresses. One of them has clusters of what look like small green spiked balls. Is this a gall? A: Ah ha! They’re just the seed cones of Leyland cypress. If you carefully slice into...


Leyland Cypresses – Fertilizing

Q: What fertilizer would you recommend to ensure the health of mature Leyland cypresses? My trees are 60 feet tall and look great. I want to keep them that way! A: Not much research has been done about fertilizing Leyland...


Leyland Cypress – Seridium vs Botrysphaeria

Two diseases commonly cause brown branches on Leyland cypress: seridium canker and botryosphaeria canker. Notes from Dr. Jean L. Williams-Woodward Extension Plant Pathologist – Ornamentals The best way to tell the difference, aside from examining the branches and looking for...