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Planting Shrubs After Spraying Roundup

Q: My house has a steep slope in one spot. It’s been covered in pine straw but weeds have been making their way through. After using organic herbicides to no avail, I sprayed Roundup Extended Control. Now, two weeks later,...


How To Dispose Of Liquid Weed Killer

Q: Are the disposal guidelines for putting liquid weed killer into kitty litter still correct? What about powdered and granular pesticides? A: Yes, if you have a liquid pesticide you can’t use or which doesn’t have a label, pour it...


Pesticides – Disposal

Q: I need to clean out a storage room on my carport that has many old containers of weed killer, bug spray and fertilizer. What is the safest way to dispose of them? A: The easiest way is to soak...