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Poison Ivy – Pictures and Mimics

Poison ivy can easily be mistaken for other flora outdoors. Poison Ivy Control Just in case you are unsure which “leaflets of three” to avoid, here are pictures of poison ivy and its mimics. Note the “leaflets of five” leaf...


Poison Ivy – Control

My neighbor and I acted as if we were surrounded by rattlesnakes. “Ease your foot down there, slowly…slowly. Now take a quick step to the right and hop up onto that cinderblock!” We were curious about the land clearing that’s...


Poison Ivy – Herbicides

Several herbicides will kill poison ivy. Triclopyr (Brush-B-Gon) kills kudzu and brambles as well as poison ivy. Non-selective weed killers like Round-Up, Finale or Next Day will kill poison ivy, too. With care, spot spraying can take the offending vines...