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Japanese Beetle – Plants Resistant to Them

Q: Are there any plants that Japanese beetles DON’T eat? A: Sure – I never see them on pine, lamb’s ear, lantana or holly! On the other hand, the list of plants they DO eat is quite long. Here’s a...


Deer Control – Resistant Plants

Judging from the messages I’ve received from gardeners in Big Canoe, Lake Oconee, Eagles Landing and other naturalistic residential settings, one wild creature deserves the anima non grata landscape sign: whitetail deer. When they can’t find food in the woods,...


Japanese Beetles – Plants They Don’t Eat

Q: I have Japanese beetles on my roses and grapes every year. Are there any plant’s they don’t eat? A: Japanese beetles can make lacework out of grape, rose, hollyhock and plum leaves in just a few days. You can...