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Shrub – Propagate from Cuttings

Early July is an excellent time to collect cuttings from favorite shrubs and to root them. Azalea, camellia and holly are easy shrubs to propagate by rooting. There are several techniques for helping a cutting to form its own root...


Impatiens – Rooting Indoors

Q: On your website’s seasonal calendar for October you said to root impatiens indoors. How do you do this? A: My grandmother always had impatiens rooting in the kitchen window in winter. Take 6 inch long cuttings from impatiens branches...


Fig – Propagation (Rooting)

Q: I am about to prune my fig bushes and would like to propagate them for a plant sale and giveaways later. Is now the time and how long does it take? A: Figs are easy to propagate, both in...