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Spinosad – No Use on Collards, Kale, Mustard

Q: I called your radio show about the holes in my collard plants. You suggested I use B.t. for the caterpillars. The local nursery didn’t have B.t., but sold me a garden insecticide containing spinosad. When I read the label,...


Kudzu Bug – Control Organically

Q: I just discovered a really bad infestation of kudzu bugs on the beans in our garden. I looked into using spinosad and unfortunately we cannot use it because of our honeybees. From what I have read, it is highly...



Spinosad is a useful organic insecticide. It is derived from a naturally occurring soil bacteria, Saccropolyspora spinosa, which happens to be deadly to insects but not to animals. Spinosad is found in bait products for fire ant control as well...