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Yaupon Holly – Make Tea from Leaves

Yaupon holly is a ntive holly often used in urban landscapes. Native Americans also found it useful….but not for making their homes more attractive! Yaupon Tea posted by Geoff This afternoon I made a cup of yaupon tea from the...


Compost Tea – Does It Work

Linda Chalker-Scott is a scientist at Washington State University who researches common garden claims and comments on their usefulness. Her thoughts on compost tea are printed below: WSU Master Gardeners are often asked about compost tea (and other products) but...


Sassafras Tea- Drink/Identification

Q: What do you know about sassafras tea? Is it safe to drink and what does the tree look like?   A: I know that I drank many gallons of sassafras tea when I was a kid. I’d go up...