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Flattened Stem – Fasciation

Q: I have a ‘Sterling Star’ lily. Its stem is about 1″ wide and flat, not round. It has loads of flowers/buds. What causes this mutation? Will it continue to grow like this in years to come? Q: I saw...


Willow – Fantail

Q: I saw fantail willow used in an arrangement at the Southeastern Flower show and have looked and looked for this plant. Can you give me some information on it? A: Fantail willow is a member of the willow family...


Willow and Myrtle – For Sukkot

Q: Jews use willow branches each fall in our Sukkot celebrations. We import them each year but it’s very annoying that the leaves never last the whole week. Can I grow the proper willows in Athens GA? A: There are...