Aerator – Hand-powered

Q: How can I find a lawn aerator that’s small enough for home use that also removes plugs from the yard when aerating? I’ve seen the rental-type aerators but they are too big for my lawn.

A: You are smart to understand the benefits of aerating with a hollow-tine unit. Unlike the spike-type aerators, the holes left by a coring aerator persist for several weeks. Air, moisture and nutrients have an easier time getting to the grass roots….and happy roots make a good-looking lawn. Remember that a good aeration, whether motorized or hand-powered, requires ten holes per square foot of lawn.

A spokesman at Pike Family Nurseries says that most of their stores stock a foot-powered aerator. He adds that an enterprising employee once hosted a lawn party and invited all of the women to wear spike high heels to help his aeration efforts. (Hmmmm……..)

Lee Valley Tools sells a human-powered model that might suit – – as long as you like good exercise!

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