The Georgia Gardener Newsletter January 11, 2007
Mark Your Calendars!
Our spring season of radio remote broadcasts starts at the Atlanta Garden and Patio Show January 27. You can come see me, Theresa Schrum and Bruce Holliday wrack our brains answering garden questions. You can also catch us soon at the Southeastern Flower Show February 10.

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Southeastern Flower Show
Garden Knowledge:

The United States Department of Agriculture in 1960 mapped and divided the U.S. into ten zones based on a 10 degree difference in the average annual minimum temperature between each zone. This determines which plants can survive winter in a certain area.

Reader Questions:  
Q: I received a purple poinsettia for Christmas. If I keep it alive for the summer will it have purple leaves again next winter?
- Chrys R.  
Q: We have what appears to be an ever-blooming cherry tree in our front yard. Even if we get a freeze, the flowers keep coming back. Any idea what it is? - Ted P.
Q: Could you please tell me what this is on a gardenia plant? The bush has several of them and they have been there for a while.
- George S.
Garden Events


Gardening with the Experts
Are you interested in meeting Georgia's best gardening pros? It's a gardeners dream come true! A day filled with guest speakers and hands on demonstration from the professionals, the best of the best, in the horticulture industry! Click here for more info.
Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) Evergreen ground cover native to the Eastern U.S. For years, I shied local gardeners away from this plant as it's more prolific in the mountains. However, I've successfully grown it for several years and have watched it spread nicely. This relative of the blueberry produces large red berries during the holidays. Learn more...
Design Tip: Container Gardening
- by Theresa Schrum
Container gardening is so popular that entire books and classes have been devoted to the subject. Other than having a perfectly green lawn rolled out, I can't think of any other plantings that provide such instant gardening gratification. Containers no longer have to be just annuals. Trees, shrubs and perennials work wonderfully in containers. Learn more...
Garden Calendar:
Now is a great time to drain and replace the oil in your mower and to have the blade sharpened or to replace it completely. (more tips)
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