February 5, 2009

Garden Knowledge:

Soil prep for Spring
tiller During the couple of warm days earlier this week I was out shoveling dirt around. I had a jacket on but the work wasn't unpleasant. The bed I worked on doesn't drain well so I added a bag of soil conditioner and a bag of gritty sand and haphazardly mixed them into the dirt. I'll do more thorough mixing later but now is the time to get your landscape ready for spring planting

Sakes Alive, Were Five!

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Reader Questions:

fertilizerQ: Can I apply starter fertilizer to an established fescue lawn in February without hurting it? Don B.

oak gallQ: This large canker has been on the oak for many years. Why has such a large canker not killed the tree? Charlie C.

pear stubQ: I may have killed the Bradford pear tree in my front yard. Now it's tearing apart its own trunk. Matt S.

Design Tip

Native Azaleas
azaleaThere are approximately 15 species of azaleas that are native to the eastern U.S. Easy to grow, native azaleas differ from Asian azaleas in several ways. First, they aren't evergreen and they tend to be larger and more upright. There are even some that bloom in the summer and others that are highly fragrant.
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by Theresa Schrum

Cool Plant

Red Twig Dogwood
(Cornus sericea)
red twig dogwoodDeciduous shrub native to northern regions of the United States. Unlike the more commonly seen varieties of dogwoods in the south, the red twig dogwood is a multi-stemmed shrub that bears flat clusters of flowers in spring and has bright red bark for great winter interest. Tolerates wet or flooded soil.
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by Theresa Schrum
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Garden Events:

Feb 7 - Owls: Silent Hunters
Feb 7 - Assembling a Beehive
Feb 12 - Native Trees of Georgia

Garden Calendar:

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