March 4, 2010

Garden Knowledge:

How to Choose an Arborist

After hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms, tree care professionals do an excellent job clearing downed trees and repairing damage. On the other hand, some "tree experts" are expert only at taking money and chopping a tree into pieces. How does a homeowner determine who can be trusted with their trees? get the answer here


Come See Me!

I'll be speaking at the Spring Home Show on March 19 and hosting a remote broadcast on Mar 20. The first 200 folks who register here get to see the radio show and get free admittance to the Home Show. Click here for more of my spring schedule

Reader Questions:

hawthornQ: My Indian hawthorns have a fungus. Should I also be on a yearly program? Sandy L.

rabbit fungusQ: Something is chewing on my big fig bush! All of the damage is within eighteen inches of the ground. Harriett B.

squirrel damageQ: My thirty-year-old sassanqua camellias are being murdered branch by branch. What can I do? Mike C.

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Garden Calendar

Walter's To Do List for March
Start tomato seed, mow liriope, fertilize pansies, ...more
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Ask an Arborist

Winter Damage to Trees

ask arboristWill winter never end? When an ice or snow storm hits, you can immediately see where damage to trees has occurred. Broken limbs and split trunks are painfully obvious. But what about hidden damage that may not appear until spring? If winter weather continues, be prepared to have damage to susceptible trees. Learn More

by Theresa Schrum

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Design Tip

Hillside Erosion

erosionI see this problem almost every day where a housing development was built in a hilly area. The builder has graded flat, terraced lots for construction leaving a hill between the properties. If left bare, the soil begins to erode or even collapse. Landscaping can be one option to prevent this problem. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Garden Events:

Mar 6 - Grow Your Own Fruits and Veggies
Mar 8 - Identifying Shorebirds
mar 13 - Historic Iris

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