April 1, 2010

Garden Knowledge:

Pine Pollen

The nuisance dust of pine pollen covers Atlanta every spring. Although the pollen rarely causes allergies, it covers cars, decks and roadways. The high point usually occurs in early April, though I expect it to be a week later this year. It's not a good time to plan on painting your house! Yellow slime

Come See Me

I'll host a remote radio broadcast at the Pike Nursery - Buckhead on April 10 and will speak at the Kistner Center in Snellville that afternoon. Click here for more of my spring schedule.

Garden Calendar

Walter's To Do List for April
Divide fern, spray azaleas, move houseplants, ...more

Reader Questions:

woodpeckerQ: What is eating holes in our sourwood tree? What should we do? Doni W.

yauponQ: My yaupon holly has been getting these weird things for two years now. What are they? Tammy B.

Q: Can you tell me what is causing the brown spots on my Knockout rose stalks? Jerry J.
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Miss the "Planting Perfectly" webinar?
We'll keep the presentation "live" for 30 days so you can view it or share it with friends. Click here to see it

Ask an Arborist

Vines in Trees

ask arboristWe get a lot of emails and calls asking whether vines that are climbing and growing in living trees are harmful. Some vines will kill even the largest trees, while others may be able to coexist peacefully and some may require intervention if the vine in question gets too large. Learn More

by Theresa Schrum



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Cool Plant

Fringe Trees (Chionanthus spp.)

cool plantFlowering trees with a native species found in the Southeastern U.S. and a species from China. Sometimes called grancy graybeard, these under-used trees are absolutely gorgeous with tufts of crisp-white flowers in spring followed by blue-black drupes on female trees in late summer. Their size makes them perfect for smaller gardens. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Garden Events:

Apr 3 - Square Foot Gardening
April 7 - Azalea Madness
Apr 10 - Your first vegetable garden

Travel With Me To New Zealand

I had so much fun on my trip to South Africa, I've decided to lead another. This time we'll go to a different part of the Southern hemisphere: New Zealand! Think about how cold Atlanta is in January each year and imagine touring the beautiful gardens of New Zealand in their warm summertime. Click here for details

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