April 3,2008

Garden Knowledge:

It's worrisome to see yellow leaves throughout your azalea, holly or gardenia shrub. But notice the pattern of leaves. Are the yellow leaves inside the plant, with green leaves on the tips of branches?
Discover whether yellow leaves are bad

Reader Questions:

Q: Can you please tell me what these weeds are and how to kill them? I did a "weed and feed" and now all I have is the weeds? Tommy L.

Q: One of my silver maples appears to be quite a bit less healthy than the others and it's losing its bark. Mark B.

Q: I want to plant some holly bushes in my yard for birds to feed on the berries. Can you identify this one? Peggy P.

Garden Calendar:

Green grass in a bermudagrass lawn is probably annual bluegrass. You can try digging it out but, better yet, make a mental note to put out weed preventer next September.

Be sure to listen to Garden Basics on The Lawn and Garden Show on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. We'll open the phone lines for first time homeowners to ask their most puzzling questions.

Cool Plant

Ashe's Magnolia (Magnolia ashei)
Deciduous tree native to the Florida panhandle. An endangered plant, this tree can be found in a few nurseries and is easy to grow up into zone 6. In early spring, the plant is covered with enormous (18-30 inch) leaves and large fragrant white flowers with a hint of lavender towards the center. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Design Tip

Cut Flower Garden
Having your own flowers to use for arrangements can be a great way to extend your gardening activities to the indoors. It's easy to grow a wide variety of plants for cutting as a way to bring the garden with all its colors and aromas inside to share with family and guests. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Pike Nurseries

Overhead Door Company
Based on current capacity and lighter than normal level of business, The Overhead Door Company of Atlanta is only charging a $49 diagnostic fee for any residential door problem in April! Overhead Door has been Atlanta's leading garage door specialists for over 70 years.


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