The Georgia Gardener Newsletter May 17, 2007
Garden Knowledge:
I spent an enjoyable day in Marietta this past Monday filming a television segment on laying sod correctly. It was hard work and I was very grateful to Outdoor Expressions for supplying a crew to help. Even with current watering restrictions, you can successfully install sod.

I've summarized my tips and techniques at Laying Bermudagrass Sod
Come visit Clark Howard!
I'll introduce Clark at the "Gotta Have Clark" event at Grace Fellowship Church in Snellville on May 23 at 7:30 p.m. Event details.

Listen Saturday morning 6:00 a.m. before you start working in your yard to learn more about lawn care!

Watch me on "Gardening in Georgia" this week - I'll talk about transplanting Lenten rose and six of my favorite Gold Medal Plants!
Reader Questions:
Q: Can you enlighten us on the pros and cons of this vine-like plant? We thought it might be a Cherokee Rose, but decided not.
- Lamar C.

Q: I found this wasp in our house. It's the biggest one I have ever seen. Could you please tell me what the heck it is? - W. Almond

Q: I recorded a bird's call in Dacula the other day around 9pm. I hear it often - sometimes later in the evening. Do you have any idea what it might be? - Steve S.  
Garden Calendar:
Pinch out the growing tips of rhododendron limbs now that flowers are gone. You'll get many more flowers next year.


Be sure to listen to Highway Horticulture on The Lawn and Garden Show on News-Talk 750 WSB on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Theresa Schrum and I will discuss her latest observations of the natural world!
Design Tip: Plants between pavers
- by Theresa Schrum
There are many different ways to use stone in the garden: for walls, stepping stones or for sitting areas. Often stone for paths and informal sitting areas is placed atop a bed of sand and soil making it possible to have plants in between. Some plants handle the traffic better than others. Learn more...
Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Bear's Breeches, aka Grecian Pattern Plant (Acanthus mollis)
Perennial native to the Mediterranean region. Bold foliage and upright stalks of purple and white flowers make this plant stand out. As perennials go, it's fairly large reaching as much as 5 feet tall and wide. Grows well in almost full sun to almost full shade in rich but well-drained soil. Learn more...


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