May 28, 2009 

Garden Knowledge:

Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Company
landscaped lawnI can replace the spark plugs, oil and air filter on my car easily. Even so, I took it to a mechanic last week to have it all done for me. You could mow, weed and fertilize your landscape too. But you might decide to have a professional to do it for you. Here's how to choose a good company

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Walter's To Do List for May
Wear a hat, prune small limbs, plant foxglove seeds, ...more

Design Tip

Mosquito Control
mosquito controlSeveral years of drought have provided us with some relief from aggravating mosquitoes. I don't think we're going to enjoy that respite this year. We've had average to above average rainfall which has left puddles of standing water throughout metro Atlanta.
Learn how to reduce the risks of mosquito bites...

by Theresa Schrum

Reader Questions:

beetleQ: Little black bugs are eating the leaves off my corkscrew willow. What can I use to get rid of them? Paul F.

dogwood mildewQ:I have a beautiful dogwood tree that reaches to the second floor deck. It looks really healthy, but today I noticed white spots on the leaves. Beverly P.

ladybugQ: Any idea what these critters are? They seem to be multiplying on our vine on our arbor. Not sure if they are something to worry about. Kristin D.

Best Fescue Sod Value in Atlanta

Pike Nursery

Be sure to listen to Garden Basics on The Lawn and Garden Show on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. We'll open the phone lines for first time homeowners to ask their most puzzling questions.

Cool Plant

False Indigo (Baptisia australis)
cool plantPerennial native to the eastern U.S. False indigo is an absolutely outstanding plant that blooms with stalks of blue pea-shaped flowers. Drought tolerant, it adds real beauty to a full sun flower border or mixed with shrubs. Other flower colors can be found through the various cultivars available. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Garden Events:

May 30 - Top Ten Perennials
May 31 - Virginia-Highlands Tree Walk
June 11 - Basic Organic Gardening

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