The Georgia Gardener Newsletter June 14, 2007
Garden Knowledge:
Managing a Landscape During Drought
The drought occupies a large part of my mind as I walk through my landscape. What looks droopy today? What's died? When is my next watering opportunity? I've assembled some information on Watering Plants in a Drought, Current Watering Restrictions and Using Graywater.

Listen this Saturday at 9:00 and I'll tell you about exemptions to the watering rules.

Reader Questions:
Q: I planted several ornamental sweet potatoes in planters around my house. Something started attacking, gnawing them to the bare stems. - DeLynn A.

Q: A giant oozing growth suddenly appeared on the side of my pine tree, about 5 feet off the ground. It's a white bubbly thing, 6-8 inches across. - Jonathan B.

Q: Would you please identify the attached flower I have blooming in my backyard?
- Judy K.  
Garden Calendar:
Use soaker hoses and a water timer to irrigate annuals, perennials and shrubs. The hose conserves water and the timer makes it easy. Most hoses apply 1 gallon per foot per minute.


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Design Tip: Drought and Irrigation
- by Theresa Schrum
As the drought worsens, we get numerous calls and emails from people wanting to know how often to water, the proper amount, the best time and the most efficient methods. Here are some suggestions on how to stretch every drop and help your garden to survive. Learn more...
Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Phlox Volcano Series (Phlox paniculata)
Perennial. The species is native to the Eastern half of the U.S. Tall garden phlox is a wonderful blooming perennial that comes in a wide range of colors. The Phlox Volcano™ Series has five beautiful cultivars: Volcano White, Volcano Purple White Eye, Volcano Pink with Red, Volcano Pink White Eye and Volcano Red. Learn more....
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