July 10, 2008

Reader Questions:

tomato burnQ: Things were going great on my tomato plants. Now I'm dealing with blossom end rot, spraying daily. And my leaves are browning up and wilting! - Gene B.

dogwoodQ: My wife and I planted this pink dogwood on our wedding day in April. It is very special to us. Do you have any idea about what is happening to our poor little tree?
- James P.

ragweed Q: In early May I noticed a plant that was 6-8 inches tall. It had an interesting leaf. It is now more than five feet tall.
- Kathleen W.

Garden Knowledge:

Mulch volcanoes
ivyI don't know where the practice started, but I see many commercial landscapes that feature "mulch volcanoes" around tree trunks. My guess is that the maintenance crew had nowhere to dispose of their rakings so they began piling them close to any available trunk. This is a terrible situation for the tree because the mulch holds moisture against the trunk. Correct Mulching

Garden Calendar:

Check houseplants, pick squash, do a tick check, more.......

Pike Nurseries

Cool Plant

Southern Bush Honeysuckle
(Diervilla sessilifolia 'Butterfly')
Shrub native to the Southeastern U.S. Don't confuse this native with the invasive Asiatic shrub honeysuckles (Lonicera fragrantissima and Lonicera maackii) often used in landscapes. Southern bush honeysuckle is a summer-flowering shrub commonly seen in the lower Appalachians. This is an outstanding and durable plant that also has great fall color.
Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Design Tip

Shade Trees
In the June 26 newsletter, I briefly touched about the temperature differences from areas shaded by trees to open areas of asphalt. The differences were quite marked. If you're wanting to reduce the heat island of your landscape by planting trees, you'll need to consider a few things first. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum


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