The Georgia Gardener Newsletter July 13, 2006
Garden Knowledge:
It's always nice to be able to say "I'd NEVER do something dumb like that!" Yet ten individuals in California did things dumb enough to threaten their lives and/or homes. It's Darwin in action!
Garden Calendar
There is still plenty of time to plant seed of marigold, cosmos, cleome and dwarf sunflower. They'll make a spectacular flower show in six weeks.
Reader Questions: advertisements
Q: A friend gave me this seedpod filled with little black seeds. Do you have any idea what it is and where it grows?
- Beth V.  
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 Q: I found this giant moth in the yard. What is it? - Carol B.

Q: I found these water plants in a creek close to my house. What are they and where would they come from? - Dale B.   Q: A beautiful poplar tree in my back yard got struck by lighting last night and I am not sure if it can be saved. Shawn H.  
Design Tip: Soil Preparation
- by Theresa Schrum

You'll often hear dig a five dollar hole for a one dollar plant. If plants are installed into heavy clay, most will die. Yet many people continue putting in plant after dying plant when a few dollars spent ahead of time would save you money and headaches in the future.
Learn more...
Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Bottlebrush Buckeye (Aesculus parviflora): Large, deciduous shrub native to Georgia and Alabama. This shrub is often touted as one of the best summer flowering shrubs for part shade. The July-blooming spikes of white flowers are 12-24 inches long and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Mature size is 6-12 feet tall and wide. Deer resistant. Learn more...

Garden Events
  • Twilight Tree Walk

  • Growing Clematis in the South
  • Photographing Roses

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