Garden Knowledge: Revenge of the Vegetable

I was gratified to find that other gardeners have the same recollection of odd vegetables that I do. Although insect damage or improper pollination causes most of the weirdness, some veggies simply have big personalities.
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Design Tip: Landscaping Slopes

North Georgia sits in the Piedmont of the Appalachian Mountains and because of this tends to be somewhat hilly. When grading occurs for development often builders leave commercial and residential sites with some substantial hillsides. Landscaping these to be attractive with something more than junipers and dealing with runoff can be quite a challenge.
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- by Theresa Schrum

Cool Plant:

Variegated Radicans Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides 'Radicans Variegata')
Evergreen shrub native to China. The variegated radicans gardenia is a low-growing ground cover gardenia that reaches only about 1-2 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide with slender variegated leaves of green with creamy edges. In summer, it produces fragrant white flowers just like its larger counterparts. Learn more...

- by Theresa Schrum


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Reader Questions

Q. A friend left this tomato sitting on her countertop for a couple of weeks. When she cut into it, she found that the seeds had sprouted inside! Jan V.
Q. What is going on with my 'Sky Pencil' holly? Thinking that it has scale, I drenched it with systemic insecticide. Can I save it? Lynda D.
Q. My 'Snowflake' oakleaf hydrangeas have done great this year. But since about a week ago, two plants have virtually given up. David M.

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It's easy to see the big webs of fall webworm in your trees. If you can reach it with a stick, wrap and destroy the webbing to expose worms to the elements. more tips...

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