The Georgia Gardener Newsletter August 24, 2006
Garden Knowledge:
Reality TV shows that feature people doing odd stunts and eating weird things have raised the "yuck factor" on the tube. Now a photographer in Sweden has documented the webs of a certain moth covering a tree trunk and an entire bicycle!

Double Yuck!
Come out and see us!
Come see us at Champion Windows and Patio Rooms! Coach Vince Dooley will join Theresa Schrum, Bruce Holiday and myself this Saturday for a morning of garden radio excellence! You can also visit with us at The Yellow Daisy Festival on September 9.

Champion Windows and Patio Rooms

The Yellow Daisy Festival
Design Tip: Easy to Grow Perennials
- by Theresa Schrum

Part 2 in the continuing series of easy to grow plants covers perennials for most landscape situations: sun to shade for dry, average and wet soils. Included with the perennials are bulbs, ground covers, grasses and vines. In the September 7 newsletter, I will cover annuals for summer and winter. Learn more...
Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Pickerel Weed (Pontederia cordata) Aquatic perennial native to Eastern North America from Canada to Florida. This stunning pond plant produces 6-8 inch spikes of violet-blue flowers from late spring into early fall. Grow pickerel weed in full sun in a bog with wet soil or in a pond submerged up to 6 inches deep. Learn more...
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Reader Questions:  
Q: Last year I had a very old crepe myrtle tree removed. Now the plant is coming up everywhere. What is the best method to get rid of the last vestiges? - George S. Q: Squirrels are chewing the edges of the boards on our deck. Is this normal behavior?
- Jerry M.

Q:  My husband found a dead branch that had been bored out. Inside this cavity was a fresh, green leaf that was so tightly wrapped that it resembled a small cigar.  - Ruth B. Q: I've seen grubs in my yard from time to time, but yesterday, I ran across a big one. This rascal has to be almost 4" long when fully stretched out! - Dee H.

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    Watch for the red or yellow, spider like flowers of spider lily, also called surprise lily because the foliage is nowhere to be seen when it blooms.

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