September 20, 2007

Come Visit:

We continue our fall remote broadcast schedule Sept. 29 at the Fall Home Show. If you like to eat well, I'll be "Chef du Jour" at Voilá Market Café on Sept.23 - making and serving my Mama's Muscadine Hull Pie! Sign up now for the "Fabulous Flowers and Lush Lawns for Fall" online seminar.

Garden Knowledge:

Weed Pictures
Weed control in the landscape is a tough business. You have to know a lot about the weed in question just to get started! As in most situations, a picture is worth a thousand words. I've collected some good links that will help you identify these invaders.

Listen this Saturday at 9:00 and I'll describe how to plant trees.

Be sure to listen to Highway Horticulture on The Lawn and Garden Show on News/Talk 750 WSB Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Theresa Schrum and I will discuss her latest observations of the natural world!

Design Tip:

Mums the Word
Finally, the cooler weather has returned meaning that it's time to plant for fall color. Mums are amongst the most widely used plants for seasonal fall color. It's no wonder with a wide variety of colors and bloom times, you can have these wonderful perennials bloom from September to November.

Cool Plant:

Tiger Eyes Sumac (Rhus typhina 'Baitiger')
Deciduous shrub native to the Eastern U.S. Actually, this award-winning plant is a "sport" (mutation) which was growing in Bailey Nurseries (the same nursery that developed Endless Summer Hydrangea). The foliage emerges a beautiful chartreuse color and deepens to yellow in summer. The reddish-pink stems provide a stunning contrast.
- by Theresa Schrum

Reader Questions:

Q: This interesting plant came up in my flower bed. The leaves have a soft touch and at sunset they begin to close, looking like rows of green butterflies. - Kathy A.
Q: My heirloom pumpkin patch has thrived until recently. Something is eating the green pumpkins. Do you think mice? - Karen M.
Q: We have several squirrels in our yard that have light, bumpy patches on their skin. Do we need to do anything for them? - M. Bishop
Q: I have this beautiful orchid-like flower growing in my horse pasture. I'd love any info on when, where and how to move it. - Beth J.
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Watch out for saddleback caterpillars feeding on the leaves of trees and weeds. Their poisonous bristles can leave a nasty welt on your skin.

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