October 29, 2009

Reader Questions:

pansy crown rotQ: One of my pansies rotted at soil level. Can you tell me what's going on? - Jacquelin R.

weedQ: This vine showed up this past summer, twirling around anything in its path. How can I get rid of it? - Gen P.

maple leafQ: In the past few weeks my maple leaves have developed numerous spots. What should I do? Noel D.

Garden Knowledge:

When to plant bulbs

daffodilSpring-flowering bulbs have been on garden center shelves for weeks but the real season for planting them begins in late October. Click here for how to plant and feed them.

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Ask an Arborist

Slime Flux

slime fluxA reader writes: "Our red oak developed a seep near the base of the trunk in late spring. Recently, another small seep has developed . We want to know if this condition is something we should be concerned about..." Find out if his tree will be okay.

by Theresa Schrum

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Garden Calendar

Walter's To Do List for October
Clip mums, rake rose leaves, root impatiens, ...more

Cool Plant

Professor Sargent Camellia
(Camellia japonica 'Professor Sargent')

camellia Flowering evergreen shrub native to Asia. I have never met a camellia I didn't like. What's not to like? These evergreen shrubs with their lustrous green leaves flower from fall through winter adding color to an otherwise drab landscape. Professor Sargent is a mid-season bloomer with 4-inch red flowers.
Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum
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Garden Events:

Oct 31 - Principals of Pruning
Nov 3 - Sushi for Dummies
Nov 7 - Chickens in the City

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