The Georgia Gardener Newsletter November 2, 2006
Garden Knowledge:
 Recently I was asked how to store dahlias and caladiums for the winter. Let¡¦s continue the discussion and focus on another plant that is not winter hardy but which can be kept with just a bit of effort.
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Reader Questions: Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Harry Lauder's Walking Stick (Corylus avellana'Contorta')
Shrub/small tree native to Europe. This member of the hazelnut family was discovered by chance in England in the 1800's. It's most noted for its twisted structure and greenish-yellow catkins that hang down in late winter. Oddly, the leaves are just as contorted as the trunk and branches. Learn more...

Design Tip: Using stone in landscaping.
- by Theresa Schrum

I can't think of any landscape that could not be enhanced by the presence of stone. The use of stone in the garden can be strictly aesthetic or for structural purposes. From pea-sized gravel to boulders weighing several tons, stone can change a landscape from mediocre to magnificent. Learn more...
Q: For the past six weeks, I have been netting HUNDREDS of grubs out of my pool every morning. Sometimes a thousand crawl into the pool at night and drown.
- Fran L
Q:  Our lawn looked GREAT from about November until about the middle of June. Then - whoa - see for yourself! - Judy C.

Q:  I spotted this small plant in my rose bed. The flower was closed during the day, but opened at night. What is it?
-Bill J.  
Q: In my neighborhood we have a tree that produces white blooms with an absolutely wonderful fragrance plus little red "balls" where the blooms were earlier.
- Joe J.


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