November 12, 2009

Garden Knowledge:

Indoor Light Levels

african violetNow begins the trying time of the year for houseplants. Cloudy weather and short days mean they don't get nearly the amount of light they need. Do yours have enough light to thrive?

Test Your Indoor Light Level


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Reader Questions:

quinceQ: Can you tell me what this fruit is? It's very large with flesh more like an apple than a pear. Donna O.

maple trunkQ: I noticed on my maple a chunk of bark has come off. Is there anything I can do? Jennifer B.

flapjackQ: I have been trying for a year to identify this plant to no avail. All of a sudden it has tripled in size. Rob P.

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Ask an Arborist

Tree Identification

arboristA reader asks: "We spent last weekend in a cabin at Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, GA. From the deck we could see a tree with very large leaves. Can you identify it for us? I attached a couple of pictures." I have unfortunate news for you... learn more.

by Theresa Schrum

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Garden Calendar

Walter's To Do List for November
Feed birds, fertilize pansies, compost leaves, ...more

Design Tip

Spring and Summer Bulbs

Now is the time to plant hardy spring and summer-flowering bulbs. In my opinion, bulbs can offer the most flowering per square foot throughout the entire season. Planted in layers like lasagna, spring, summer and even fall-blooming bulbs can occupy nearly the same location. They are some of the easiest plants to grow. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum
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Garden Events:

Nov 13 - Holiday Decorations from the Garden
Nov 14 - Perennial Fruits and Vegetables
Nov 14 - Pine Cone Kissing Ball

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