November 15, 2007

Garden Knowledge:

Are you ready to do some shrub pruning now that cooler weather has arrived? Not sure which ones can be shaped this month or which should wait until after spring blooms? I put together a Shrub Pruning Calendar to help you make decisions.

Be sure to listen Saturday at 9:00 and I'll discuss Gold Medal Plants.

Garden Events:

Container Gardens with Holiday Flair

Backyard Habitats

State Botanical Garden Open House

Be sure to listen to Highway Horticulture on The Lawn and Garden Show on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Theresa Schrum and I will discuss her latest observations of the natural world.

Reader Questions:

Q: My employee went to a doctor's office with a severe rash and the doctor told him that it was poison sumac. Do we have that here? - Rob Mulaik

Q: My neighbor has no idea what this shrub is. The flower looks like a camellia bloom and has something inside that looks like a rose hip. - Susan W.

Q: My Knockout roses are pretty hardy, but something is decimating them, right down to the veins. - Sue Williams

Garden Calendar:

Fill bird feeders with black oil sunflower seeds. Birds will find and eat each seed and you won't accidentally feed chipmunks and rats. More tips

Design Tip:

The Garden Fence
Almost all landscapes have some type of fence. Even though the fence may represents the sudden end of the garden, it doesn't have to be a harsh structure void of any attractive features. To the contrary, the garden fence can be a wonderful opportunity in which to grow vertical in your landscape. Learn more

by Theresa Schrum

Cool Plant:

Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd')
Evergreen tree native to the Eastern U.S. This cultivar of our Eastern Arborvitae is one of the most versatile plants available. Much smaller than a leyland cypress, it can be used as a screen, focal point or to soften the edges of structures. When young, it can also be used in containers. Learn more

by Theresa Schrum


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