November 27, 2008

Reader Questions:

blooming trellisQ: I purchased this plant to beautify my yard with red flowers for my brother's wedding. The container it came in only said "blooming trellis". Angela E.

persimmonQ: What kind of fruit tree is this? I have three of these in the yard. The trees were there when we moved in and are native, I think. Ray L.

cherry oakQ: My oak tree has been producing little red berries! Could this be some kind of cross breed of oak and cherry? Deon A.

Garden Calendar:

Dry rosemary, plant trees, tie up roses, ...more

Garden Knowledge

Living Christmas Trees

christmas treeWhen I was a kid, my family would traipse into the woods to find an acceptable red cedar tree to grace our living room for Christmas. Now most folks buy cut trees from a nursery or tree lot. But discarding the tree afterwards seems a waste of natural resources. Why not buy a living tree and then plant it in your landscape after the holidays? Here are your best choices for live Christmas trees
Pike Nurseries

Be sure to listen to Garden Basics on The Lawn and Garden Show on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. We'll open the phone lines for first time homeowners to ask their most puzzling questions.

Design Tip

Dwarf Plants
boxwoodThe most common landscaping error is installing a plant that eventually outgrows its space. Dealing with a plant that's too large involves either continual pruning, transplanting it or discarding the plant entirely. Many plants are now being introduced as dwarfs, but there are facts you need to know.
Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Overhead Door Company of Atlanta
Overhead Door Winterize your garage door for only $69.95! The 14 point maintenance includes lubricating all hinges/rollers/& pulleys, tightening all nuts and bolts, adjusting safety reverse, and adjusting tension on all springs. Get ready for the cold weather ahead! Visit for more.

Cool Plant

Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)
bald cypressTree native to the Southeastern U.S. The bald cypress is an easy to grow somewhat unusual tree that tolerates a wide range of conditions from standing water to parking lot medians. Fast-growing with a soft texture, it's one of the few conifers with fall color that loses its needles in winter. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum

Garden Events::

Terrific Turkeys - Nov 30
Essential Oil Creations - Dec 4
Bee Keeping for Beginners - Dec 6

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