December 10, 2009

Garden Knowledge:

Living Christmas Trees

tree Have you considered buying a live tree and then putting it in your landscape after the holidays? It's important to remember that live trees take much more care than cut trees.

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Walter's To Do List for December
Hide bulbs, use cuttings, move ficus, ...more

Reader Questions:

hydrangeaQ: What do I do now that freezing weather has taken its toll on my pitiful hydrangeas? Lloyd B.

cactusQ: My Christmas cactus is blooming now. What to do with this fruit from last year? Scott H.

crape prunedQ: I often see these beauties pruned back to just above the 'knuckle'. Is this correct? John M.

Ask an Arborist

Cutting Tree Roots

A reader asks "Our river birch tree is only 44" away from the driveway and 64" away from the sidewalk. We have already had to repair the sidewalk due to root damage...[Can we] cut the tree roots down 6 feet or so at the sidewalk and driveway to keep from damaging the concrete?" Get the answer here.

by Theresa Schrum

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Design Tip

Moss Lawns and Gardens

If you have an area in your landscape that is too shady and/or has too many tree roots to support turf or other shade-tolerant plants, you may want to consider starting or letting moss take over the area. Moss as a groundcover is extremely easy to grow and maintain. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum


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Garden Events:

Ongoing - Holiday Tree Cards
Dec 12 - Holiday Plant Care
Dec 12 - Make Gift Toppers

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