December 23, 2009
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Garden Knowledge:

Cool Tool Gifts

ucanA truckload of horse manure is a unique gift ...but a little hard to deliver on Christmas Day. I've collected a number of cool tools you could consider instead!

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Garden Calendar

Walter's To Do List for December
Feed birds, give houseplants, plant vines, ...more

Reader Questions:

long budQ: I'm worried my Forest Pansy redbud will be subject to wind damage. How far should I prune? Dave M.

creeping charlieQ: I have this plant that is slowly taking over my yard. Can you identify it, and is there a selective herbicide that I can use that will kill it and not my fescue grass? Jack O.

sorrelQ: We have a plant that is invading and choking English ivy. How can we control it? Brenda & Nick


Ask an Arborist

Mistletoe in Trees (Phoradendron leucarpum)

Lenny in West Cobb writes: "Please look at the attached pictures. What is going on with my tree (maple I think)? All the leaves are off, but there is this very green sprout sticking out with leaves that do not match the tree. I have never seen anything like that before." here

by Theresa Schrum

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Cool Plant

Color Guard Yucca (Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard')

yuccaEvergreen perennial/shrub native to the Southeastern U.S. Color Guard yucca is not the yucca that takes over southern landscapes or grows 8 feet tall. This trunkless yucca stays under 3 feet with bright golden-green variegated foliage that turns pink in the winter and has lovely cream flowers in the summer. Learn more...

by Theresa Schrum


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Garden Events:

Jan 9 - Ga. Iris Society
Jan 13 - Metro Atlanta Beekeepers
Feb 3 - Beginners School for Small Farmers

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