The Georgia Gardener Newsletter December 28, 2006
Garden Knowledge:
With the latest scares about contamination of food at restaurants, folks have been thinking about growing some of their own food. Food gardening is not hard and it doesn't have to take much room in your landscape. You can even do it in containers! Food Gardening 1-2-3. If you want to garden organically, Georgia Organics is hosting "Introductory Organic Farming & Gardening" on Saturdays, starting January 20
Learn about gardening!
The Georgia Green Industry Association will host "Saturday With the Pro's" on January 27 in Athens. Hear Dr. Michael Dirr and Dr. Allan Armitage highlight their favorite shrubs, annuals and perennials. Dr. Bodie Penisi will teach how to design a tropical paradise. Rita Randolph shows how to plant great containers.
Reader Questions:  
Q: I have a jade plant that seems to be very healthy with a lot of new growth, but there are some white growths coming out of the side of the plant stems. - Rachelle D.
Q: I have perfectly round brown dots on the underside of some of my Boston fern leaves. I can scrap them off with my finger nail. They look like poppy seeds. - Billie O.
Q: : I would like to know what these potato-looking things are. They fell from an oak tree in my brother's backyard in New Jersey. - Carol H.
Garden Events
Cool Plant of the Week:
- by Theresa Schrum

Blue Arrow Juniper (Juniperus virginiana 'Blue Arrow')
Evergreen shrub native to the Eastern U.S. Blue arrow is a cultivar of our native Eastern Red Cedar but has no resemblance to the straight species. With its tightly columnar shape and gray-blue foliage, it makes a nice substitute for other cold-climate, blue-foliaged conifers. Learn more...
Design Tip: Ground Covers 101
- by Theresa Schrum
Walter and I get many, many calls and emails from gardeners who are seeking ground covers for a variety of situations: to prevent erosion, for sun, for shade, flowering, evergreen, etc. Many ground covers are quite lovely and functional, but they aren't always the wisest choice... Learn more...
Garden Calendar:
Fireplace ashes can be scattered over your lawn. They will provide a bit of phosphorus and potassium plus counteract acidity. Spread no more than ten lb. per 1000 square feet per month. (more tips)
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