Vegetable Gardening – On Septic Drainfield

Q: What is your recommendation for growing vegetables over a septic leach field?

A: Although we commonly fertilize gardens with animal manure, the potential for vegetables to come in contact with human waste makes some folks queasy. That said, a properly functioning septic leach field should not allow many pathogens to the soil surface. I’m not an environmental expert but I would have no problem growing tall vegetables like okra and corn over a leach field. I’d stake or trellis tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas. I’d grow squash, making sure to wash it when harvested. I would stay away from root crops and leafy vegetables. In my opinion, if you use normal sanitation practices for your harvest, you can garden over a septic leach field.

If you have concerns, garden aboveground in very large containers.

Planting on Septic Drainfields

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