Deer Repellent – Using DMSO and Capsicum

deer damage to hosta

Call all deer dislikers!  Want to test a product for me?

I recently became aware of a new product that claims to be very effective at repelling deer: Repellex Systemic Tablets.

The technology is based on research from the University of Minnesota, where a scientist showed that the solvent DMSO could carry small molecules of other substances into plant tissue.

He mixed DMSO with capsicum (hot pepper extract) and applied it to the root system of plants. He says the leaves became infused with a “hot” taste and deer were deterred from eating them.

I don’t ordinarily promote deer repellents but this one is based on University research and it seems like an interesting concept.

Yet the old saying “Your mileage may vary.” keeps appearing in my brain.

If you have a deer problem, I’d love to hear your results using this product. Click here to email me your results.

Below are sources and links to news releases.

UMN Licenses Unique Plant Protectant Product

Repellex (click for sources)

deer damage to hosta

deer damage to hosta

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