Groundcovers for Georgia

Q: My hill is about 200 feet wide and it extends back 5 feet. This is in full sun and it will have some foot traffic, which ground covers would you suggest?”

A: When choosing groundcovers, I look for plants that are spreading in nature and generally care-free. Here are some to consider:

Full sun to partial sun

Dwarf abelia
Creeping raspberry
Winter jasmine
Asiatic jasmine
Purple wintercreeper euonymus
Carolina jessamine
Creeping juniper
Ornamental grasses (hardy fountain grass, maidengrass, Northern sea oats, etc.)
Low-growing cotoneaster (watch out for lacebugs)
Creeping gardenia

Partial sun to light shade

Chrysoganum ‘Eco Lacquered Spider’ (also called “Green n Gold”)
Groundcover strawberry
Clumping monkey grass (Liriope muscari)
Spreading monkey grass ( Liriope spicata)
Mondo grass (not the very dwarf varieties though)
Lenten rose

Footstones can be provided to direct foot traffic off of the plants.

Remember that NO PLANT will prosper on an eroded clay bank. All of the plants mentioned above MUST have a big pocket of loamy soil in which to grow initially.

Groundcovers for Georgia

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