Gum oozing from cherry trunk – Gummosis

Q: I noticed this gelatinous mass on the trunk of my six-year-old cherry tree. Can you tell me what the fungus is?

A: Your actual condition is called gummosis, which is most often caused by stress.

From your photo I can tell what the stress is: your tree was planted too deeply originally.

When the trunk of a young tree comes straight out of the ground, like a telephone pole, I know that the root system is hidden underground somewhere below.

On a properly planted tree, I should be able to see the flare of the trunk becoming the root system a few inches above ground.

Planted too deep and unable to breathe, the roots gradually weaken and tree decline begins.

You can try applying lime as suggested hereYou can try applying lime as suggested here but I don’t hold out much hope.

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