Pruning A Healthy Fig Bush

fig fruit

Q: My fig bush is getting too big next to my house and I must prune it back
some. It produces a lot of figs each year and I do not want to damage the

A: You won’t damage a healthy fig by pruning. The first step is to decide how
tall you want the fig to be. Then subtract a couple of feet to account for
summer growth. Assuming you think eight feet would be a desirable height,
cut everything back to six feet tall. You will get regrowth that is much more
controllable if you make every cut back to the base of a limb or just beyond a
limb sprout. Try to never leave a short stub: these invite limb rot. Remove
limbs as needed to give yourself at least three feet of walking room around the
plant. As you work, remove any dead limbs or ones that cross from one side of
the fig to the other. Pruning a fig is a yearly task. If you do it right, you’ll have
a bushy plant loaded with fruit in late summer. I have details about growing
figs at

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