Diseases of Beans
Cantaloupe and Specialty Melon Diseases & pix
Broccoli Diseases
Dry Bulb Onion Diseases
Eggplant Diseases
Green Onion Diseases
Lima Bean Diseases - Auburn
Pole Bean Diseases
Cabbage and Leafy Greens Diseases & pix
Southernpea Diseases
Squash Diseases
Sweet Potato Diseases
Watermelon Diseases & pix
Leafy Greens and Cabbage Diseases
Potato Diseases
Daylily rust
The Education Center of the American Phytopathological Society
Tomato diseases
Common Tomato Fruit Disorders
Daylily Rust
Lots of disease links esp. tomato

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System
Graywater and Rainwater use
Sourcebook Harvested Rainwater

Herbs - independent tests of herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements
Richters Herbs - Plants & Seeds
Cooking Southern Foods - Poke, Okra, etc

Specific plants

Mark's Roses and Enviro-Gardening
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ
Night bloomingCereus
Cold-hardy Tree Ferns Page
Dicksonia antarctica
Tree Diseases & Insects - Forest Service
The Poinsettia Pages
Texas Poinsettia Producers Guide
Fern Resources & Links
Christmas Cacti
Mini-Crape Myrtle
Growing a Mango Seedling
Timeless Roses
Hardy Eucalyptus Page - The Basics - Rose Care Products and Information for growing Roses
HelpMeFind - Roses
Tomato Growers Supply Comany
Totally Tomatoes
Tom Volk's Fungi
Big Collection of Arum Links
Roses listed alphabetically.
Dahlias. net
Brugmansia Information
Pawpaw Info
Floridata (TM)
Epiphyllum, cereus, etc
Growing cactus and succulents - the UK home of cactus, succulent and lithops info and shopping
Moss Acres - Gardening with moss and growing moss
Roses Unlimited
Crape Myrtle cultivars
The Hardy Eucalyptus Page
The Mistletoe Center
Texas Houseplant Reference
Cucurbitaceae: Botany
Guide to Herbaceous Perennials
Key to Mushrooms (MushroomExpert.Com)
Running cedar - Lycopodium
Fox Hollow Nursery Maples
Cactus and Succulent Plant Picture Gallery

Internet Gardening Links

Garden Links & Gardening Links : The WWW Virtual Library for Gardening
Horticulture Net - lots of links
Agriculture/Garden Links
Charles Lewallen's Favorite Botanical Links
Welcome to Gardening!
NC State - Horticulture on the Internet - Good!
Missouri Horticulture Links
A Southern Garden - An Alabama garden
Great Plant Picks

Societies & Associations

The American Rose Society
Georgia Organics
American Bamboo Society
The Hummingbird Society
American Iris Society
International Bulb Society
Turfgrass Producers International
Metro Atlanta Landscape & Turf Assoc., Inc.
Azalea Society of America
Daylilies: The American Hemerocallis Society
American Horticultural Society
American Hosta Society
Georgia Native Plant Society
Georgia Perennial Plant Association
The American Orchid Society
American Rhododendron Society
The National Arbor Day Foundation
The Cactus and Succulent Society of America's (CSSA) Home Page
Entomological Society of America
Georgia Green Industry Association
International Lilac Society
North American Fruit Explorers
American Gourd Society Home Page
American Clematis Society - Clematis.Org
African Violet Society
American Ivy Society
GardenNet plant guide
American Hibiscus Society
American Camellia Society
National Chrysanthemum Society
Ga Turfgrass Assoc
Holly Society of America, Inc.
Metro Beekeepers
Environmental Education in Georgia
American Fuchsia Society
Home Page
Georgia Perennial Plant Association

Gardening Magazines, TV Shows, Catalogs and Web Sites

Dr Greenfingers- Reception desk
Better Homes and Gardens Online
Southern Living
HGTV Online
Dig Magazine's Home & Garden Diversions
Atlanta Garden Connection
The Garden Gate Home Page
Ask Earl, The Yard-Care Answer Guy
From The Garden with P. Allen Smith
National Gardening Association
Garden Escape Home Page
GardenWeb Home Page
The Garden Gate: Gardener's Guide
Welcome to GardenNet, the premier garden center on the Internet
Garden Bazaar
Big List of Mail-Order Plant Catalogs
Thompson and Morgan Ltd: Home Page and Online Catalogues
Home HarvestĀ® Garden Supply Online - List of Gardening Sites
Horticulture Magazine Online
Green Light Home & Garden Web Site
Do It Yourself.Com Home Projects Site
Timeless Roses
Grounds Maintenance Magazine
Oriental Vegetable Seeds
Park Seed Online
Ortho Lawn & Garden Product List
Spectracide/Spectrum Brands' Products
Enforcer Product Index
Bonide Products, Inc
The Scotts Company products
Aquatic Pond Plants -- Daydreamer Gardens -- 614-491-2978
BASF Corporation: Agricultural Products: Products & Solutions
Petaluma Rose Company
TyTy Nursery
The Gardener's Net
emilycompost gardening, gardening tips, organic gardening, flower gardening, vegetable gardening, container gardening
Gardening123 - We share your passion.
A. M. Leonard - Home Page
Classic Groundcovers, Inc.
Frostproof Horticultural Supply Store
A. A. Buck Jones & Assoc.: Plant Nursery
Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.
Horticulture Guy: Gardening, landscaping, and nature, information and ideas - questions answered!
Noble Plants. : Michael A. Dirr plant information
Things Green with Nick Federoff on Great Day America
Forestfarm plant nursery: Buy plants for your garden online
Welcome to Woodlanders Inc. !
Gardens Alive! Environmentally Responsible Products That Work
United Industries
Georgia Market Bulletin
Applewood Seed Company
Bayer Advanced: Lawn & Garden Information Center
Gardeners Choice
Yardeners subscription service
Neil Sperry - Texas' Best Known Gardener - Feb.
Howard Garrett's The Natural Way
National Gardening Assoc
Schultz Company
Protect from Schultz
Florida Plants Online Guide to Florida Plant Life
GardenTech - Over n Out, Sevin
GardenPower with Joe Sherinski
Greater Atlanta Gardener magazine
MacCactus and Nursery - The Official Web Site of the "Better Lawns & Gardens" Radio Show
Craig Allisons Carefree Gardens


Buckeye Yard and Garden Online
Arboreta in The United States
Gardening OnLine - Gardens & Arboreta
The Compost Resource Page: Earthworm FAQ
Solar Greenhouses - Horticulture Resource List
Cool Tropics - Grow coldhardy palms, cycads, & tropicals.
Organic Gardening Resources from MS state
Consumer Information Center: How to Prune Trees
Graywater (also spelled gray water, greywater, grey water)
Felco Secateurs Tools Index
Propagation of Landscape Plants
Warnell School of Forest Resouces: Service and Outreach: Information Library: Tree Health Care
GardeningTools for Physically Handicapped
PlantAmnesty Collection of Pruning Tips
Classification of Living Things
Gardening History Timeline - From Ancient Times to the 20th Century
Tire Planter
Recipes for Fake Rock
How to Build a PVC Hoophouse
Landscape Plant Propagation Information
Parts of a Flower
Seed saving instructions for expert seed savers.
Ergonomic Products to Protect Your Hands, Prevent Injury, Relieve Soreness from Hand Helpers
Sundial Accuracy Plant Reproduction For The Home Hobbyist
Topiary garden sculpture, Green Piece Wire Art
Progress Growers Supply
Flower Types Good to Know
Gardenscape's Enabling Tools page
Gardenscape offers enabling tools for gardeners of all ages and abilities. Products include Peta, Wiser Telescopic, EZ Reacher, kneeler bench, Sure Grip, ergonomic tools - tools recommended by horticultural therapists.

Extension Factsheets

Descriptive Fact Sheets for 680 Trees
Texas A & M Plant Answer Machine
Horticulture Solutions - Univ. of Illinois
Univ of Florida Extension factsheets
Univ of Illinois Lawn Talk Q & A
Univ of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center
Clemson University Home and Garden Information Center
University of Minnesota Yard & Garden Line
NC State Consumer Horticulture
Ohio State Horticulture Fact Sheet Index
Virginia Tech Landscape & Nursery Factsheets
Tennessee Home Garden
UGA Forestry Information Library
Aggie Horticulture
Auburn University: Horticulture
University of Kentucky - Horticulture
LSU Lawn & Garden
Mississippi publications
UGA Center for Urban Ag
Homeowner Pesticide Information
New Jersey Extension
University of Kentucky Entomology
IPM Alabama - Commercial Turf IPM
Fla Extension
Stem Girdling Roots of Trees

Ponds & Fish

North American Lake Management Soc
Ohio State Extension Pond Newsletters
Identification and Control of Weeds in Southern Ponds
Purdue Aquatic Plant Management
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
Frogs and Toads of Georgia
The Lemnaceae (Duckweed Family)

Birds & Animals

Backyard Birding
Wildlife Damage - Prevention and Control - NC State University Extension
Controlling Nuisance Moles
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
National Audubon Society
The North American Bluebird Society
The Purple Martin Society
National Bird Feeding Society
Bat Conservation International
Wildlife Solutions Online - Prevention, Control, and Management of Wildlife Damage
Chimney Swifts
Becker Underwood Goose Repelents
Duncraft bird factsheets
Bluebird nest box plans
Center for Wildlife Damage Management

Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables

PLANTanswers Vegetable Information
How to Grow Pineapple
KYSU Pawpaw Home Page
Growing Unusual Vegetables
Vegetables on the Internet
Homegrown Tomatoes - Growing Tips
Homegrown Pepper Page
The Organic Vegetable Gardening Guru
Fertilizing the Organic Garden
The Giant Urban Pumpkin Growers of America
Raintree Nursery: rare fruit, nut and berry plants
Edible Landscaping
Exotic Fruits
Tomato Growers Supply Comany
Totally Tomatoes
Fruits of Warm Climates (excellent resource for tropicals)
UACES: AR Home and Garden: Vegetables; Select Vegetables
Home Vegetable Gardening
Pollination Info by Crop
California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.
Pawpaw Info
Heartnut, Buartnut, Persian Walnut, Black Walnut, Butternut
Pass-along Southern Seeds Project
Pecan Cultivars-Origin and characteristics of major "varieties"
Growing vegetables in containers
Big Horse Creek Farm
Georgia Farm Bureau - Certified Farm Markets
How Fruit is Formed
UGA Vegetables website
Univ of IL Guide to GrowingVegetables
Good fruit and nuts site
Growing Citrus in the Dooryard
Re: How come there are seedless fruits?
Where Did Foods Originate?
Fruit Freeze Temps
Freeze Protection for Fruit
Arkansas Blackberry Releases
Strawberry Plants - Simmons


Cornell Pesticide Management Education Program
EXTOXNET - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork
Database of Chemicals Used in Landscaping
Iowa State Weed Science - Product Labels
National Pesticide Telecommunications Network Site Map
Use of Baking Soda as a Fungicide
Kelly Registration Solutions
pesticide abels
Kelly Registration Systems for Georgia
Dow AgroSciences Canada labels
Product Availability
Welcome to Primary Products
CDMS Label / Msds Information
CDMS Label / Msds Information
Pesticide Common Names
Vigoro - Lawn Care
Greenbook pesticide labels
ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent
Herbicide Injury Photographs
Pesticide Fate Database
Herbicide Labels/Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)- Plant Management in Florida Waters
PAN Pest Control Product Search
Pesticide product search for Novartis, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Monsanto etc. includes active ingredients and registered pests (rats, mice, weed control, termites, fleas etc)
Compendium of Pesticide Common Names
Nomenclature information for over 1500 active ingredients of pesticides, plus classified lists of acaricides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, nematicides and plant growth regulators. Includes the systematic name, molecular formula, structural formula and CAS Registry Number for each common name.

Plant I.D.

Internet Directory for Botany: Gardening
Henning's Rhododendron & Azaleas Pages
California Flora Index
Botany Encyclopedia of Plants and Botanical Dictionary.
Brad's Begonia World
Crocosmia 'R' Us
Invasive Alien Plants in Virginia
Houseplant pictures
Houseplants - Information and Care
Landscape & Water Plants from Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery
Common Summer Wildflowers of W.Va.
Plants toxic to Horses
Ohio State Plant Dictionary - Plants of Horticulture Database of Roses
Texas Vascular Plant Image Gallery
CalPhotos: Plants
All sorts of Garden Plants
NeoFlora - The World's Largest Plant Database!
Ohio State Plant Dictionary
Glasshouse Works: Plants Rare
Vascular Plant Image Gallery (Brassicaceae)
USDA PLANTS National Database
Interior Landscaping Plants
Plants Database: Home
Fungi Images on the Net
John C. Tacoma Mushroom Slide Collection, 1968-1978
What Tree Is It?
Tree ID - Va Tech
Familiar Trees - Leaf Key
Florida Fern ID
Florida Plants Online Guide to Florida Plant Life
Scott's Botanical Links
Growing cactus and succulents - the UK home of cactus, succulent and lithops info and shopping
U.S. Forest Service Hardwoods manual
U.S. Forest Service Conifers manual
TopTropicals - lots of pictures

Turf & Weeds & Invasive Plants

Wyoming Weed Identification Site
Weeds & Invasive Plants Links
Invasive & Alien Plants List - Virginia
N.C. State TurfFiles Publication Index
UGA Turf Publications
Virginia Tech Weed Site #2
Rutgers Weed Images
Weed Science Society of America Photo Library
Weeds of the North Central States
Poisonous Plants of the Southern United States  - Content
Weed Control in Home Lawns
Poisonous Plants, Animals, and Arthropods
Hort on the Internet: Weeds
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
Univ of Cal Weed Photo Gallery
Weed Seedlings of Michigan
Poisonous Plant Links on FindIT, Norton-Brown Herbarium, University of Maryland
Google Image Result for
Google Image Result for
Syngenta Professional Products - Homepage
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide
Chemical moss control for roofs
WeedAlert - Weed germination dates
Turf Insect images
Collection of Sedge Plant Photos


Big Collection of Entomology Sites - Univ of Texas
Imported Fire Ants Research and Management - Texas A&M
North Carolina Insect Notes
Insect Pests: Sod Webworm
Forest and Wood Insects
Black cutworm (closeup)
Spiny Oak Slug
Honey bee lab at Penn State
Pests in the Yard and Garden - Clemson Univ
Study List of Some Common Insects in Texas
BioFac Beneficial Insects Company
BUGMAN Educational Entoprises - Online! BUGMAN Gallery Images - All Rights Reserved
An Introduction to the Crayfish of Missouri
Univ of Conn Comprehensive IPM Recommendations
Tree Diseases & Insects - Forest Service
Bugwood Network - UGA Forest Insects & Diseases
Ohio State Insect and Pest Fact Sheet Index
Virginia Tech Insect Identification
Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Native Bees - Horticulture Technical Note
Body Lice
Grubco Inc
Welcome To HeadLice.Org
Dung Beetles
Poisonous Plants, Animals, and Arthropods
Lepidoptera thumbnail page
BioFac Crop Care, Inc.
IPM Manual of Tree Insects
Medieval Household Pest Control
Insect Photo Gallery
Stinging and Biting Insects
Cultivation Station Benefical Insects for Gardening
ForestryImages, the source for forest health and silviculture images
Stinging Caterpillars
The Pollination Home Page
What's Buzzin' in My Garden
National Unidentified Skin Parasite Association
Agripedia | ENT 320: Horticultural Entomology
Asian lady beetle Trap
Virginia Tech Household Insect Factsheets
Univ of Florida - Featured Creatures
University of Florida Pest Alert
University of Kentucky Entomology
IPM Images: the source for agricultural images
Imported Fire Ant - FAQ
Georgia Lepidoptera
FAQ's about Asian lady beetles
Pesticides for Lady Beetles
Stag beetle larvae
ARS Photo Library
European Paper Wasps - Penn State Entomology
U Mn Guide to Insect ID
Grub raster patterns
Beetle & Raster ID
Cicada Emerging
TAMU Insect Factsheets