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  • Insects & Animals

    Barklice are beneficial insects

    Q: What are these black bugs on my sugar maple

  • Outdoor Flowers & Foliage

    Caterpillar eating rose foliage leaves clues behind

    Q: I have a young rose bush but I have

  • Insects & Animals

    Joro spider egg sac

    A female Joro spider may have as many as 1000 …

  • Joro spider egg sac

  • Joro spider males are smaller than females

  • Joro spiders are here to stay

  • Two gardeners lament about squirrels eating their peaches and tomatoes

  • Hornworm Eats Tomato Fruit

  • butterfly puddle manure

    Butterfly Puddle – Can I Use Worm Castings?

  • environmental mosquito control

    Environmentally Safe Mosquito Controls

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  • Squirrels eating peaches

    Squirrels Eating My Peaches

  • Joro spiders

    Getting Rid Of Joro Spiders

  • Sterling eating mealworms

    Starlings Eating Mealworms From Bluebird Feeder

  • Butterfly puddle

    Making A Butterfly Puddle

  • Grey small Aphids

    Pea Plant – Aphids

  • native plants deer-resistant

    Native plants are not deer-resistant

  • Plant oil repels mosquitos

    Plants don’t repel mosquitoes, their oils do

  • red oak leaves

    Black-dotted brown moth caterpillars eat oak leaves