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    Lime Glow Junipers On A Bank

    Q: Do Lime Glow junipers spread down a bank or

  • Shrubs

    Nellie Stevens Hollies – Yellowish

    Q: Two years ago we moved into a newly constructed

  • Shrubs

    New juniper has dead spots

    Q:  I purchased a spiral juniper two months ago in
  • Lime Glow Junipers On A Bank

  • Nellie Stevens Hollies – Yellowish

  • New juniper has dead spots

  • Entomosporium leaf spot on red tip photinia

  • No Image

    Japonica Camellia – Not Blooming

  • Dwarf English Boxwoods – Branches Chewed

  • Can We Burn Hydrangea Wood?

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  • Aucuba - Wilting from Root Rot

    Blackened Leaves On Aucuba Shrub

  • Cutting Hollies In The Winter

  • Dwarf Boxwood – Dead Looking Branches

  • Ferns – Black Seeds Inside The Red Berries

  • Boxwoods Thinned Out On The Bottom

  • Wax Leaf Ligustrum Is Turning Brown

  • Azaleas & Rhododendrons – Is September Too Late To Prune?

  • Half of My Wax Leaf Lingustrums Are Dying