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    Ligustrum – Spots on leaves (Cercospora)

    Q: I planted these three rhododendrons (I thought) a year

  • Shrubs

    Lilac slowly petering out

    Q: My father’s lilac bush has taken a turn for

  • Shrubs

    I Planted Asparagus Seeds But Get No Asparagus

    Q: I planted asparagus seed several years ago but I’ve

  • Lilac slowly petering out

  • Asparagus seeds not producing

    I Planted Asparagus Seeds But Get No Asparagus

  • propagate cuttings

    Pomegranate Bush – Propagating Cuttings

  • Blueberry Bush Quit Producing Ripe Berries

  • Gold Charm False Cedar Shrubs – Turning Brown On Edges

  • Little Green Leafy Clumps On Leafless Trees During Winter

  • What Shrubs Can Replace My Diseased Roses?

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  • Nandinas – Pruning

  • Can Loropetalums Survive A Winter Freeze?

  • Pruning oversize holly

  • Fatsia (Aralia) seed pods – remove or not

  • Blue mushroom on shrub stem

  • Boxwood has false oleander scale

  • My Tree-form Lilac Needs To Be Trimmed

  • Alternatives To Loropetalums For North Georgia