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Ornamental Trees
  • Ornamental Trees

    Foul fruit found beneath large tree is not pistachio

    Q: Can you tell me what this is, and if

  • Ornamental Trees

    Cristulariella leaf spot – Bullseye Pattern on Crapemyrtle Leaves

    Q: My crape myrtles have developed a brown bullseye pattern

  • Ornamental Trees

    Weird Growth Around Crapemyrtle Pruning Wound

    Q: What caused this weird growth on my crapemyrtle?

    A: …

  • Weird Growth Around Crapemyrtle Pruning Wound

  • Mushrooms on Ligustrum Limb Equal Slow Death

  • Wilting Japanese maple Might have Verticillium Wilt

  • Pruning crabapple to keep small

  • Small indoor tree that does not need much light

    Small Indoor Tree Recommendations

  • Hanging Baskets on Trees

    Hanging Baskets On Tree Limbs

  • Dwarf Conifers for Atlanta

    Dwarf Conifers and Evergreens – Atlanta

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  • Dark core in trunk and limbs

    What Do The Dark Cores In Trees Mean?

  • Shedding brown leaves

    Magnolia Tree – Shedding

  • Inexpensive Bagged Topsoil Bad

    Inexpensive Bagged Topsoil is Bad for Gardens

  • Planting Crapemyrtle Near A Driveway

    Trees for near driveway or patio

  • Exposed roots wood chips

    Cover exposed tree roots with wood chips

  • Saucer Magnolia

    Saucer magnolia seed pods

  • lobed unlobed fig leaves

    Fig bush has lobed and unlobed leaves

  • Suckers from trunk - grated

    Suckers On Trunk Of Crabapple Tree