• Fescue

    Fescue – Planting in Shade

    As landscapes mature, lawns which were once sun-drenched gradually turn shady. Grass near trees begins to…

  • Plant Lists

    Trees – Fast Growing

    When you need shade in your landscape, it is not an option to wait very long….

  • Ornamental Trees

    Crapemyrtle – Which is the Right Way to Prune

    There are many opinions on which is the “correct” way to prune a crapemyrtle. A landscape…


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    Orange tree growing in Suwanee

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    Mimosa wilt identified

    Q: This is my brother’s mimosa tree in Corpus Christie TX. They had temperatures in the…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Eastern Redcedar (red cedar) – Transplanting

    Q: I have a cedar tree that is six feet tall and I want to move…

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    Where is the Garden Events Page?

    When we redesigned the website in2020, we faced a space crunch on the Home page. When…

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    Boxwood has false oleander scale

    Q: At our home we have hundreds of boxwoods. A few of my American boxwoods have…

  • Tools & Chemicals

    Marble sized gel balls in dirt

    Q: I have a big mystery. One morning there were some very tiny mushroom like growths…

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