• Insects & Animals

    Venomous (Poisonous) Caterpillars – Photos

    Several kinds of venomous caterpillars are commonly seen in late summer – early fall. They are…

  • General Garden Info

    Tips for a First-time Gardener

    Q: I want to plant a small flower garden in my yard. I have no idea…

  • Plant Lists

    Lists of Native Plants For Georgia

    Although not every native plant is drought-tolerant or carefree, their main advantage is that they are…


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    Cicada killer vs European hornet identification

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    Shipping Blueberries Under A Scorch Virus Quarantine

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    When To Pick Watermelon

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    Bare Root Dormant Sassafras Tree – Branches Dead Or Bare

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    My Plumeria Is Getting Too Big For Its Pot

    Q: I have been growing a plumeria in a pot for six years, repotting to a…

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