• Lawn Care

    Turfgrasses (Lawn Grasses) – Comparison and Selection

    There are usually several varieties of each turfgrass from which to choose. Which is the best…

  • Lawn Care

    Lawn – Growing in Shade

    OK. I admit it. I have given up. I came to the conclusion that grass just…

  • General Garden Info

    Tips for a First-time Gardener

    Q: I want to plant a small flower garden in my yard. I have no idea…


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    My Plumeria Is Getting Too Big For Its Pot

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    Lots Of Hummingbirds At my Feeder

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    Dull Fescue Has Weeds – Should I Fertilize?

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    Opinion On Organic Mosquito Control

    Q: A friend sent me the ingredients a mosquito control company is pushing for a organic…

  • Insects & Animals

    Insecticide For In-Ground Yellow Jackets

    Q: What is the best insecticide to treat an in-ground nest of yellow jackets?  A: Any…

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