• Tools & Chemicals

    Pre-emergent – When To Apply

    Many garden tasks can be done almost any time. I’ve transplanted shrubs in July and in…

  • Lawn Care

    Lawn – Weed Control Basics

    BASIC INFORMATION: Weed Identification Pictures Lawn Care Calendars THREE METHODS There are three primary methods of…

  • Lawn Care

    Turfgrasses (Lawn Grasses) – Comparison and Selection

    There are usually several varieties of each turfgrass from which to choose. Which is the best…


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  • Tools & Chemicals

    Can I Grow Plants In Aluminum Boxes?

    Q: I have come into possession of several used aluminum truck tool boxes. I am contemplating…

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    Hemlock Tree – White Things At Base

    Q: We have a ten-year-old hemlock tree. We noticed a few tiny white things at the…

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    Cast-Iron Plants Looking Rusty

    Q: My cast iron plants suffered damage from the heavy freeze in December. The leaves are…

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    Hard White Stuff In Soil

    Q: I have this white stuff that is hard, like dried glue, in my pine straw…

  • Outdoor Flowers & Foliage

    Arguments On Leatherleaf Mahonia

    Q: I was shocked to read in your column that you have the nonnative and invasive…

  • Ornamental Grasses

    When To Trim Muhly Grass

    Q: Should my Muhly grass be trimmed each year in late winter to maintain proper growth?…

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