• Lawn Care

    Mowing Heights for Lawns

    Mow your lawn when the actual grass height exceeds the recommended height by one-third. For example,…

  • Shrubs

    Shrub – Propagate from Cuttings

    Early July is an excellent time to collect cuttings from favorite shrubs and to root them….

  • Shrubs

    Hydrangea – Identification and Pruning

    Q: I have hydrangeas on some new property. I would like to prune them but am…


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  • Outdoor Flowers & Foliage

    Solarizing soil in fall doesn’t work before planting wildflowers

    Q: I read about sowing a perennial flower garden in the fall for spring blooms. They…

  • Fruits

    Fruiting pear is converted to wild pear

    Q: I have two pear trees side by side. Each year they have produced an over…

  • Zoysia

    Zoysia (zoysiagrass) compare species and varieties

    From: Gary Forrester, Horticulture Extension Agent, Horry County Extension Service, Clemson University Zoysiagrass (Zoysia species) was…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Saucer magnolia seed pods

    Q: What are these things on our saucer magnolia? A: They are seed pods. They look…

  • Pest Plants

    Bracken fern identification and control

    Q: I’m seeing a deciduous hardy fern that averages 2′-3′ tall. It was given to me…

  • General Q & A

    Grass is yellow where stumps were ground

    Q: We purchased our home last July and had several trees cut down. The stumps and…

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