• Insects & Animals

    Azalea Lacebug – Control

    You may have seen the damage lace bugs do to azaleas without knowing who did the…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Oak Leaf Miner – Identification and Control

    Q: These diseased areas appeared on most of our oak trees. The trees have been healthy…

  • Insects & Animals

    Japanese Beetles – Control Options

    Most summers are favorable for Japanese beetles. The coppery-green beetles hatch in the lawn in June each year….


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    Treehoppers under sunflower leaves, gardener bitten by carpenter ant

    Q: A couple of weeks ago, I was out weeding under the tall sunflowers we had…

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    Zeon Zoysia Sod – When To Put Down Starter Fertilizer

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    Drift Roses – Pros And Cons

    Q: I’m not very familiar with Drift roses but am seeing them more in nurseries. What…

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    Weed With Sticky Leaves, Stems, And Seeds

    Q: Arghhhhh! A new weed has arrived in my garden. The leaves and stems are very…

  • Ornamental Trees

    My Pecan Leaves Are Covered In Warts

    Q: My pecan leaves are covered with warts! Can you tell me what this is? A:…

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