• Landscaping

    Glyphosate (Roundup) damage to several shrubs

    Q: Can plants other than roses get rose rosette disease? I have nandina, geranium, boxwood, hibiscus,…

  • Fescue

    Fescue – Fertilizing

    Fescue grass is a cool-season grass. It does the majority of its productive growth between September…

  • How-To

    How to Choose a Landscape Maintenance Company

    The slips of paper with scribbled phone numbers are passed from hand to hand surreptitiously at…


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    Arborvitae turning brown after planting

    Q: I recently had these arborvitae planted and have been noticing some yellowing/browning on them. Is…

  • Lawn Care

    Pearl’s Premium is no miracle grass

    Q: What is your take on Pearl’s Premium grass seed? I am bombarded with ads on…

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    Is it harmful to remove bald cypress knees?

    Q: I love bald cypress trees! I have six in my small back yard. They have…

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    How to prune clematis – Univ. of Missouri

    How do I prune a clematis vine? When clematis is first planted, it should be pruned…

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    Shrub – Pruning Calendar

    The Home & Garden section of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution published a very nice pruning…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Does fusiform rust cause a pine tree to break?

    November 6, 2020 After the top half of a huge pine fell onto my neighbor’s house,…

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