• General Garden Info

    Good Herbs To Plant

    Q: What are good herbs I can plant?  A: Any time is a great time to…

  • Lawn Care

    Turfgrasses (Lawn Grasses) – Comparison and Selection

    There are usually several varieties of each turfgrass from which to choose. Which is the best…

  • Lawn Care

    Lawn – Growing in Shade

    OK. I admit it. I have given up. I came to the conclusion that grass just…


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    Cedar Blend Mulch Longevity

    Q: I used to use cypress mulch for its longevity properties but my mulch supplier has…

  • Shrubs

    Wax Leaf Ligustrum Is Turning Brown

    Q: I planted twelve wax leaf ligustrums the last week in May to border my backyard….

  • Shrubs

    Azaleas & Rhododendrons – Is September Too Late To Prune?

    Q: I need to prune my azaleas and rhododendron. Is it too late?  A: Check the…

  • Lawn Care

    Oak apple gall – identification

    Q: What is this thing I found? It’s about the size of a table tennis ball….

  • Lawn Care

    Cicada killer vs European hornet identification

    Roman M. Posted on NextDoor some interesting information on how to distinguish a cicada killer wasp…

  • Pest Plants

    Losing Fight Against Stiltgrass

    Q: For the last few summers I’ve been fighting microstegium (Chinese stiltgrass) at our home. It…

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