• Ornamental Trees

    Seasonal Needle Drop of Arborvitae, Pine and Leyland Cypress

    Several people contacted me in November 2021 and sent pictures of the brown needles in their…

  • General Garden Info

    Why not use Vinegar instead of Roundup?

    Q: You always recommend the popular brand name weed killers but these are expensive to use….

  • Lawn Care

    Small tree seems to dance with no cause

    Q: I have a profound mystery! This plant in my neighbor’s yard moves on its own…


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  • Lawn Care

    Irrigation causes hydrangea leaf spots

    Q: My hydrangea bushes looked great earlier this summer, then we left for a couple of…

  • Lawn Care

    Mysterious red balls at base of boxwood

    Q: Could you please identify these mysterious red “ balls” growing on the ground at the…

  • Shrubs

    Confederate rose vs Cherokee rose vs cotton rose

    Q: Are cotton rose and Confederate rose two different plants? In my mind, Confederate rose is…

  • Pest Plants

    Water shield (dollar bonnet) weed control in pond

    Q: I was hoping you could give me advice regarding eliminating or controlling watershield in our…

  • Insects & Animals

    Carpenter ants leave frass (sawdust) behind

    Q: I found a pile of sawdust looking stuff under my tree. Are there some kind…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Tree leaves in fall have disease spots

    Q: My sugar maple and tulip poplar tree leaves have terrible brown spots and holes in…

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