• Lawn Care

    Lawn – Growing in Shade

    OK. I admit it. I have given up. I came to the conclusion that grass just…

  • Insects & Animals

    Japanese Beetles – Control Options

    Most summers are favorable for Japanese beetles. The coppery-green beetles hatch in the lawn in June each year….

  • Shrubs

    Panicle Hydrangea – Identification and Pruning

    Panicle hydrangea, Hydrangea paniculata, is an excellent flowering shrub for late summer and fall. There is…


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    Torpedograss control

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    Where To Find Pecan Shell Mulch

    Q: Do you know where I can order pecan shell mulch for some garden areas in…

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    Blueberry Bush Limb Dieback – Root rot

    Q: I’m having issues with my blueberry bush. Last year it produced more than we could…

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    Spacing For Tulip Poplar Trees

    Q: I want to plant an acre of land in tulip poplar trees. I just want…

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    How Much Space To Give Peas And Butterbeans?

    Q: I was in a hurry to get my seed in the ground and planted long…

  • Fescue

    Preventing Armyworms

    Q: Last year armyworms destroyed 3500 square feet of my fescue lawn. Is there anything preventative…

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