• Insects & Animals

    Azalea Lacebug – Control

    You may have seen the damage lace bugs do to azaleas without knowing who did the…

  • General Garden Info

    Good Herbs To Plant

    Q: What are good herbs I can plant?  A: Any time is a great time to…

  • General Q & A

    Gardenia, Holly, Magnolia, Azalea, Camellia – Yellow Leaves in Spring

    Q: Some of my Gardenia bushes have yellow leaves. Is this an iron deficiency ? What…


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    Drift Roses – Pros And Cons

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    My Pecan Leaves Are Covered In Warts

    Q: My pecan leaves are covered with warts! Can you tell me what this is? A:…

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    The Issue With “No Mow May”

    Q: I recently heard about “No Mow May” on National Public Radio. The idea is to…

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    Fescue Turns Yellow After Overseeding

    Q: Every year, when the heat and humidity of summer arrive, parts of my fescue lawn…

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    Can I Put Lenten Roses In Lots Of Sunlight?

    Q: I’ve got a spot that gets direct sun from10:30 am until 3:30 pm. Assuming I…

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