• General Garden Info

    Cell Phone Apps To Identify Plants and Weeds

    Q: What is the best app to identify plants and especially weeds? A: There are several…

  • Houseplants

    Aftercare for poinsettia, amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus plants

    Decisions, decisions…what to do with the poinsettia, amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus plants you got for the…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Crapemyrtle – Which is the Right Way to Prune

    There are many opinions on which is the “correct” way to prune a crapemyrtle. A landscape…


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  • Houseplants

    Dracaena surculosa blooming

    Q: I have had this plant for twelve years. I bring it inside for winter and…

  • Vines

    English ivy leaf spot control

    Q: After cutting the ivy back all the way and letting it regrow and treating weekly…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Dwarf Alberta Spruce Turned Brown

    Q: About a month ago my dwarf Alberta spruce started turning brown and dropping needles. Now…

  • General Garden Info

    English Ivy Survived All Year After Being Cut

    Q: Last winter, I cut all of the English ivy vines off my hardwoods at the…

  • General Garden Info

    Celosia Plants – When To Cut Back

    Q: Our celosia plants bloom in late summer. They return each year with new plants in…

  • Vines

    Few Grapes On Grapevine

    Q: I have a grapevine that I planted some years ago. The vine grows nicely but…

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