• Lawn Care

    Lawn – Weed Control Basics

    BASIC INFORMATION: Weed Identification Pictures Lawn Care Calendars THREE METHODS There are three primary methods of…

  • Tools & Chemicals

    Pre-emergent – When To Apply

    Many garden tasks can be done almost any time. I’ve transplanted shrubs in July and in…

  • Lawn Care

    Plants for damp soil

    If you find an area in your landscape thats always damp, check out these lists of…


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  • Insects & Animals

    Why applying systemic insecticide to the base of a tree works

    Question from Walter: It is my understanding that most of a tree’s feeder roots are pretty…

  • Nuts

    Pecan Trees Dropping Nuts Early

    Q: I have several pecan trees around me, and for the last two years, they have…

  • Outdoor Flowers & Foliage

    Wrinkled Branches On Tea Olive Plant

    Q: My tea olive plant is six feet tall and well-established. Recently limbs have developed wrinkled…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Bark Falling Off Oak Tree

    Q: Can you tell what caused a big patch of bark to fall off the bottom…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Willow Oaks Over Bermuda Grass

    Q: When our neighborhood was built fifteen years ago, the developer lined the streets with willow…

  • Vegetables

    Okra – Fusarium Wilt

    Q: Is there a variety of okra that is fusarium wilt resistant? My Clemson spineless okra…

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