• Lawn Care

    Lawn – Watering Correctly

    Your goal is for the lawn to receive enough water to keep the soil slightly moist…

  • Lawn Care

    Lawn – Growing in Shade

    OK. I admit it. I have given up. I came to the conclusion that grass just…

  • Plant Lists

    Lists of Native Plants For Georgia

    Although not every native plant is drought-tolerant or carefree, their main advantage is that they are…


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  • Lawn Care

    Tomato flowers drop in high heat

    Q: I have tomato plants that are blooming and it looks like something is cutting the…

  • Lawn Care

    Galls on plants other than oak

    Sumac gall Black cherry gall  Bald cypress gall  Blackberry cane gall  Maple eyespot gall     Forsythia…

  • Lawn Care

    Other beetles caught in Asian ambrosia beetle trap; timing the spray

    Q: Is it correct to say that if a Fruit-tree Pinhole Borer beetle (Xyleborinus saxesenii) found…

  • Lawn Care

    Protecting Hydrangeas from cold

    I use black (not clear) plastic to cover my shrubs when cold emergencies loom. Clear plastic…

  • Lawn Care

    Protecting plants from cold

    Most of our woody plants can endure severe cold without problems. The cold is less stressful…

  • Insects & Animals

    Why applying systemic insecticide to the base of a tree works

    Question from Walter: It is my understanding that most of a tree’s feeder roots are pretty…

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