• Nuts

    Black Walnut – Cracking, Removing Nutmeat

    Q: I have a black walnut tree in my yard that has dropped copious amounts of…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Trees – Planting Correctly

    It is said that when you plant a tree you give a gift to future generations….

  • Lawn Care

    Small tree seems to dance with no cause

    Q: I have a profound mystery! This plant in my neighbor’s yard moves on its own…


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  • Ornamental Trees

    Trees don’t have taproots

    Q: After World War II I helped my Australian uncle clear tree stumps by digging underneath…

  • General Q & A

    Opinion On Blowing Leaves Off Lawn

    Q: What is your opinion about whether to blow leaves off a lawn or not? A:…

  • Outdoor Flowers & Foliage

    How Can I Keep Purple Foxgloves During The Winter?

    Q: I have two purple foxglove’s. How do I overwinter them in their pots? They can’t…

  • Fruits

    How To Use Trifoliate Citrus Fruit?

    Q: I have a hardy trifoliate citrus tree in my backyard that is loaded with fruit….

  • General Garden Info

    Can I Buy Organically Grown Wheat Straw?

    Q: I have an organic vegetable garden and am trying to find organically grown and processed…

  • Fruits

    How To Safely Use Insecticide On My Blueberry Bushes?

    Q: We have blueberry bushes with lots of holes in the leaves. I’ve used systemic insecticide…

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