• Lawn Care

    Mowing Heights for Lawns

    Mow your lawn when the actual grass height exceeds the recommended height by one-third. For example,…

  • Shrubs

    Hydrangea – Identification and Pruning

    Q: I have hydrangeas on some new property. I would like to prune them but am…

  • Shrubs

    Shrub – Propagate from Cuttings

    Early July is an excellent time to collect cuttings from favorite shrubs and to root them….


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    Black-dotted brown moth caterpillars eat oak leaves

    Q: I have a 50 ft tall red oak tree that has been denuded of leaves…

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    Ivy growing from my roof!

    Q: I’m told I have poison ivy growing out of my roof/attic! We’ve been fighting these…

  • Outdoor Flowers & Foliage

    Rose stem canker

    Q: Our Knockout rose stems look odd. Will a fungicide help cure this problem? A: It…

  • Ornamental Trees

    Fig bush has lobed and unlobed leaves

    Q: Here’s an unusual sight: two kinds of leaves – figgy and non-figgy – emerging from…

  • General Garden Info

    Can I Container-Grow A Bougainvillea?

    Q: Is it possible to container-grow a bougainvillea? It would be placed in a sunroom so…

  • Vegetables

    Can I Reuse Soil From My Vegetable Pots?

    Q: I plant my tomatoes, cukes, and squash in pots on my deck. I’ve cleaned them…

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