• Insects & Animals

    Brood X cicadas in Georgia

    Q: Any ideas on when and where the Brood X cicadas will appear in 2021? A:…

  • General Q & A

    Gardenia, Holly, Magnolia, Azalea, Camellia – Yellow Leaves in Spring

    Q: Some of my Gardenia bushes have yellow leaves. Is this an iron deficiency ? What…

  • Insects & Animals

    Deer Control – Resistant Plants

    Judging from the messages I’ve received from gardeners in Big Canoe, Lake Oconee, Eagles Landing and…


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  • Insects & Animals

    Can you eat cicadas?

    You’ve heard about the Brood X cicadas emerging in other parts of the country in 2021?…

  • Insects & Animals

    Attracting Fireflies

    Q: How can I attract more fireflies to my landscape? A: The best way is to…

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    Rooting creeping fig

    Q: I have a wall of creeping fig on the western half of my house. It…

  • Vegetables

    Dealing with a flooded garden or lawn

    Q: Our community garden has been flooded twice from a creek we think has toxic material…

  • Insects & Animals

    Oak galls

    It is common to see galls of one kind or another on oak trees in mid-spring….

  • Centipede

    Remove cudweed from centipede lawn

    Q: We have a full sun, fescue back yard being taken over by cudweed. The lawn…

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